Why it’s Important to Stay Drug-Free While at Work

Drugs seem to be a more common topic these days and it seems also that more people have experimented with drugs at least once or twice in their lifetimes. Many find using certain recreational drugs a hobby or pastime, in fact. And while you should never break the law or do such harm to our body, only you can make those decisions for yourself. But, when you’re at work, someone else has the say-so over your recreational activity to some extent. You cannot use drugs while you are on the job. Of course it is illegal but that is only one of the many reasons why getting high while on the job is never okay.

Employer Drug Testing

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More and more employers are drug testing employees these days. This includes drug tests to gain employment, those administered after an accident, and random drug tests. If you fail drug testing houston tx, you are going to be out of a job and if injured, may not get any help covering the medical bills. Of course, a failed drug test is a sure way to exclude yourself from the running for a particular job.

Safety Risks

If you are inebriated at work there are safety risks to yourself as well as to others who are at the place of business, including customers, clients, and other employees, too. You may get hurt if you go to work under the influence of drugs.

Underperformance at Work

Attempting to work under the influence of a controlled substance is very dangerous but it also causes you to lose productivity and produce less than stellar results and quality. This is a good way to lose your job or otherwise alarm the boss in ways that you do not want to happen.