How to Keep Employees Safe During Coronavirus

You have a duty to protect employees the best that you can while they are working and of course, that is something that you want to do. Now that COVID is a thing, that takes a little more work than before. Everyone is still at alarms over COVID 19 and need the assurance that they are safe while they are working. There are many things that you can do to make employees more confident.

·    Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth. Always cover your mouth if you cough and do not touch other people’s hands. Even when you need to shake, a fist bump is the more appropriate way to greet them these days.

·    Pay attention to yourself and stay at home if you feel sick.

·    Maintain social distancing. That means that you must maintain at least 6-ft. Distance from other people.

·    Always use tissue to cover your mouth if you sneeze or when you cough.

·    Wash your hands often. Always use hand soap when washing hands and scrub for at least 20-seconds.

·    Hire a janitor to come in to clean and disinfect the place. With Janitorial services in Grand Rapids, MI you and all the employees feel much safer because you know things are extra clean.

·    Mask up! It cannot be said enough: wear a face mask any time you are in public.

·    No time to wash hands? No water? Don’t worry. Hand sanitizer works just as well.

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·    Clean and disinfect the office and all surfaces that people touch many times during the day.

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm and affected us all in the most drastic ways. But life goes on and we must work. Use the tips above to make sure everyone in your office or business stays as safe as possible during these difficult times.