Amazing Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary system that allows your teeth to be repositioned without the need for metal braces that can be painful, expensive, and require frequent visits to the dentist for tightening and adjustments. You can Find a NY Invisalign Dentist in your area that can provide you with the removable device that makes your teeth look beautiful.

Straightening crooked teeth is not the only thing Invisalign does. It also fixes teeth that are gapped as well as crowded and rectifies bites that are abnormal. If these problems do not receive treatment, you may experience increased oral health issues that result in cavities, infections, loss of enamel, and difficulty speaking as well as eating.

When there are wide spaces in the teeth, or not enough space, gum disease can occur. Periodontitis is less likely to occur when teeth are in their proper position and the gums can fit more securely around teeth to protect them from infections. Straighter teeth can give you increased oral health, more confidence, an improved appearance, and teeth that have an increased likelihood of lasting your entire life.

Find a NY Invisalign Dentistwithout using wires and brackets

Correcting issues with orthodontics can end several issues, such as:

–    Bad breath

–    Chipped teeth

–    Sensitivity in teeth

–    Gingivitis

It can also prevent more damaging problems from developing that result in the loss of teeth.

All About Comfort & Convenience

As an alternative to traditional metal braces, aligners have become very popular as a removable option for orthodontic care. Invisalign is designed to move teeth into position with gentle force over a period of time without using wires and brackets. Instead, medical-grade resin of polyurethane is used that makes them almost invisible in the mouth.

You can remove them to brush your teeth and floss, keeping your oral hygiene excellent. When traditional braces are used to straighten teeth, there can be problems when removing bits of food as they can get trapped in the wires as well as the brackets.

Invisalign aligners can also be taken out in order to eat and drink items besides water. If you play sports, you can replace your aligner with a mouth guard to keep your teeth protected. They are smooth, so they won’t cause discomfort when rubbing against your mouth. They also give your dentist more control when straightening your teeth, as the aligners are meant to be worn for precise amounts of time and the movement of teeth is regulated by the shape of the aligners.

Each Invisalign kit contains aligners that have been customized to fit your teeth comfortably and tightly. Each aligner moves your teeth a certain amount, even rotating them when it is needed. You won’t need to go to the dentist over and over again for adjustments – Invisalign aligners do all the adjusting so you can see results and get the smile you want.

If you are considering Invisalign, find a dentist that provides the treatment and schedule an appointment to discuss your options and see whether or not Invisalign is right for your teeth.